Post-Operative Instructions for Hand Surgery
1. If you have general anesthesia, do not drive a car, operate machinery or sign any legal documents for 24 hours following your surgery. In addition, have a responsible person available for you at home to give any assistance you may need.
2. After your procedure, you may eat and drink as usual. You may wish to begin with liquids and gradually advance to your normal diet.
3. Numbness for the next 24 hours is common due to the local anesthetic injections administered to your hand during surgery.
4. Upon your surgeon’s instructions, move your fingers at least every hour during the day. When not in use, keep your hand elevated, higher than your heart, for the next three (3) days. This will help prevent swelling and stiffness. Additional instructions for other exercises may be given by your surgeon. Follow all instructions as directed.
5. Keep your dressing on until your first post-operative visit with your surgeon. You may carefully wash with a warm cloth up to and around the dressing area. Do not get the dressing wet.
6. Keep your scheduled appointment in the office (usually about 1 week following your operation). We will change your dressing on your first office visit.
7. Please take all prescriptions as directed and call your surgeon immediately of you have chills, fever, excessive bleeding or pain unrelieved by the medication you were given.
If you have any concerns, please call our office at 858-715-9200